Northland Pathology - Providing community testing for people of Northland

Nurses can only order the tests listed below as per DHB guidelines, all other tests must be ordered by a Doctor.



Albumin Amylase Anti-Epiletics Bicarbonate
Bilirubin Calcium Chloride CK
Creatinine Digoxin Ethanol Ferritin
Folate/Vit B12 FSH Glucose Hba1c
HCG Iron LH Lipids
Lithium Liver Function Magnesium Micro Alb
Phosphate Potassium Prolactin Sodium
Theophylline Thyroxine (free) TIBC Total Protein
TSH Urea Uric Acid  


ASO CRP HbsAg Hbs Antibodies
HIV Screening Mantoux Monospot GF Rotovirus Ag
Rubells IGG Rubella IGM    



ABO Neonates APTT Coag Profile Coombs Test
ESR Fibrinogen Full Blood Count INR
Malaria/filarial PT Rhesus Titre  



Aspirates Blood Culture Enteric pathogens Faecal Fat Quant
Faecal Reduce Subs Mycology Skin/Nail Other cultures/sens Ova and Cysts
Sputum Sputum TB Swabs Micro Urine culture/sens


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Referral Laboratory-Labtests
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Referral Laboratory-Labtests

For more Information about Labtests, click on the link above or contact them on 0508 522 837

Referral Laboratory-Labplus
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Referral Laboratory-Labplus

For more Information about Labplus, click on the link above or contact them on 0800 522 7587

Patient information
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Patient information

For Instructions on how to collect samples

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